Week 15: Activity – Designing Your Life

3 possible futures for me:

  1. Currently I am a human development major and I am striving to go to PA school in hopes of being a PA. I see myself being in the medical field since high school and I continue to think I will be working within that field since I enjoy helping people. It is also a safe and stable career that pays well. After graduation I hope to take a semester or an extra year to development my hands on experience and finish up a few extra classes at a community college. The next year I will hope to be accepted into a PA school, which will take about two years to get certified. After I graduate from PA school, I hope to have a job at a hospital working as a PA. This is the plan I have had since high school and I am still pursing it.
  2. If my current PA option disappeared tomorrow I will defiantly be a bit lost. Since I believe I am a good people person and I love to help I would lean into being counselor. Possibly for a school or an advisor in college. Im not sure which steps I would have to take to become a counselor but it is an option I possibly have. Being a counselor sounds safe and can possibly pay well also.
  3. If i was financially secured, my possible dream career would be to be in the entertainment field. Such as being a producer for a movie, or working on set filming movies. I don’t know much about producing or being in that particular field but it sounds fun and interesting to me. Or possibly working backstage for a TV show helping produce it. I  can be very organize so it might work well for me but that would be something I would go to if I was financially secure.

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