Week 12: Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Alice Andreini worked in theatre for a long time. She used to teach at North Community College Art Institutes were she would teach them to pursuit art degree. She also taught perspective drawing.Alice designed land scape, which has a representation of virtual reality underneath. The way we look at her drawings is the way we look at our  at the world. She decided to had grids because they represent like a net, the constructs of different things. Alice wanted to create a space that was fractured, she needed to start with the perspective space and that’s why she would use large fields. The idea of starting with a space you can recognize. She used landscapes from a real place and messed around with it, they are all golf courses.

One of her messages from her drawings was to make people feel the instability of social constructs. And feeling a little bit pressure by the environment. Environmental consequences such as technology progress is one of her themes from a blue paining that I unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of.

I was sorta in shock that all her painting were drawings of golf courses because at first I did not notice. The yellow orange painting I placed at the bottom, I originally thought that was a sunset at the beach. I also thought the purple drawings were mirror because of the grids. So it was interesting to learn that they were all actually golf course.


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