Week 12: Art Activity – Ethnography

  1. I didn’t think this would be hard, but it turned out to be harder than I expected. I was planning on just sleeping through it but it turned out I was not sleepy which made it difficult.
  2. It was hard because I was not sleepy and usually when I can’t fall asleep I watch TV or netflix until I fall asleep and I couldn’t do that this time.
  3. It was more frustrating than liberating. I felt the need to just grab my phone so I wouldn’t be bored but I couldn’t.
  4. I actually did end up getting better sleep since I feel asleep earlier than I usually do. I am usually sleep deprived and never really get many hours of sleep since I am always distracted. It would be amazing to sleep well every night like this.
  5. Living without electricity us more organic and harmonious with nature because electricity is a distraction. When we are watching TV we are only concentrated on what is going on in the TV that we might ignore what is going on around us and disconnects us to nature. By eliminating those distractions it connects us more to nature and things become more harmonious.
  6. Living without electricity is so limited because to me theres nothing much to do, which makes things boring for me.
  7. I have no idea how people survived without constant stimulation but what comes to my mind is that they would get that stimulation through other things they were occupied with.
  8. My ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be hiking at a beautiful place without electronics.



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