Week 11: Artist Conversation: Yujia Gu

Yujia Gu had an exibit called Tracing Gun Violence in the USA which was truly amazing and had a very strong and heavy message behind it. Yujia Gu has been living here for almost three years. Before coming to live in the United States, her mother was worried for her to come because she had heard about a lot of people, even international students getting killed due to gun violence. Even though with that in back of her head, she still decided to come and live in the U.S.

Yujia Gu wanted to find out if gun violence was actually a big problem here, so she started to do some research on it. She was so surprise at the high numbers of statistics she found.

For me, this is exhibition is really important. Just recently, there was a shooting at an elementary school where and teacher and and young student were killed. The problem is real, and every year it seems to be happening more frequently. It is so sad to see in this exhibition some pictures of only some of the people who have been killed. What really hit me was how there was a projector that showed the places that big massive shootings have taken place and it’s basically almost everywhere. This exhibition is so important, not only to addresses the issue, but to make people realize how many lives have been lost. It is something that has to just stop.


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