Week 8: Activity – Finger Painting

My experience doing the finger painting activity was more relaxing than I thought it would be. I will admit that in the beginning I did not want to do it because I did not want to get my fingers or hands full of paint and thought it would be too messy. As I started painting, it felt liberating and relaxing that I no longer cared about getting paint all over my hands. As I was painting, my sister who is a teacher for young kids informed me that painting with hands is used as a therapy method where kids can relax. I can defiantly see how painting can be relaxing and I believe it could be a therapy methods even for adults to relax.

It wasn’t hard at all, it was just fun to finger paint. It felt liberating painting with no subject due to the fact that I could just do anything I wanted. I started with light colors and then I put dark colors on the left. I felt that it was too dark so I added some red on the dark color, and I believe my painting looks like a pretty cool mess.

I have seen painting similar to mine, but every painting is unique and different in their own way. It is fun seeing paintings that are a bit crazy because they can be represented in all sorts of ways.




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