Week 7: Artist Conversation- Elena Roznovan


Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: Installation (video)

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist:

Elena Roznovan is CSULB student who is an MFA sculpture student and video installation. Most of her art has the theme of nature and trying to communicate to viewers the importance of nature and the beauty of the desert.

Formal Analysis:

Elena uses a projection that features the desert in a room that is covered in drapes when you walk in. There are three colors window materials that project a different color onto the projection. All three are hanging from the ceiling in different heights and positions. One of the triangular materials is hanging at a side ways angle. It makes certain portions of the image stand out more than others.

Content Analysis:

Elena Roznovan wants viewers to appreciate the sunrise in the desert. She states that she wants viewers to be unsure about what they are looking at in the beginning so that they can start to look at the projection even more slowly and carefully to be able to fully appreciate the view. The tinted windows also focus on certain part of the image viewers can look at and appreciate.

My experience:

I really enjoyed this piece Elena Roznovan put together. My favorite part was the tinted triangular window shape material hanging from the ceiling because it made me look at the image projection in a different way. It somehow made the image look different. I also really love sunsets and sunrises, there is something about those couple minutes the the sun is setting or rising that I love, sunsets are actually my favorite time of the day so I enjoyed the view of the sunrising in the desert.


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