Week 5: Artist Conversation – Katia Swihart

Artist: Katia Swihart

Exhibit: Gatov West Gallery

Media: Drawing and Painting

Instagram: N/A

Website: N/A

Katia Swihart is a drawing and painting major as an undergraduate student as California State University, Long Beach. She enjoys creating art and has always enjoyed it since she was a little girl. One of Katia biggest inspiration has been her father, and he is also the reason that her passion for art expanded. Her father is also her inspiration for most of her artwork in her exhibits.

Katia used many interesting materials for her art work. There was a mattress that had been cut up and torn. It was also colored with bright colors in random spots. In the mattress, there was also comic book pages which made it look interesting. Yarn of different colors was used for another of her art pieces. The yarn was tied together sticking out. Her art definitely consisted of the mixture of colors.

Swiharts exhibit had a message of her growing up. She had on display a shirt from a job which represented a certain stage in her life. Her art was also greatly influenced with the relationship she had with her father. She mentioned her fathers arrogance and his big ego, which can explain her complicated art.

I was able to connect to Swiharts gallery to a certain degree. It is complicated and crazy, which is how my life has been in certain stages. Just like her art that is hard to understand, life itself can be hard to understanding and just complicated. The colors were so vibrant that i connected it to how every crazy experience has a its bright side to things. I really enjoyed her art.

IMG_8249.JPG IMG_8247.JPG


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