Week 4: Artist Conversation #2 – Joshua Vazquez

Artist: Joshua Vazquez

Exhibition: I Love the Way You Fall Asleep

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art. Gator Gallery East

Instagram: @joshybehr

Joshua Vazquez grew up in Los Angeles. He is currently an undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach . His main interest is currently making art of what he loves and knows. His work explores the idea of his love for Los Angeles which is where he grew up. He attended Belmont High School, where he would draw a lot. That made his interest for art grow.

Joshua’s art are paintings and drawings of his. They are all saying the same thing in different letter format. All of his painting are a mixture of colors, creating someone new. The color blue seems to be one of his main colors he seem stop love to have in his paintings. The painting are straight for the most part.

His paintings are about his love for Los Angeles. He wanted to move somewhere that was not too far but far enough to get away. Joshua mentioned he has been drawing since he was a kid, and really enjoyed doing it. Los Angeles is home to him, and so he really enjoys incorporating that into his drawings and paintings.

What  I found very interesting, is how he states, “I Love The Way You Sleep” and referring to Los Angeles. I also grew up in Los Angeles and it is a place that is constantly moving and wide awake. It is rare when Los Angles is calm, because there always seems to be something going on in LA. Yet, there are moments where it did feel calm and relaxing. So I understand on a personal level why he loves the way Los Angeles sleeps, since its rare when it does.



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