Week 4: Art Activity – Art Care Package

For my art care package, I sent my 30 year old sister who lives a few hours away a little early birthday package. I got a card and wrote inside of it how of an amazing sister she has been to me. She loves coffee and makeup so I got her an eyebrow filler and something for her coffee. I also wanted to include something random that i know she loves. So i got her this headband which I know she will love for halloween.

My experience putting this together was really interesting because I have never sent my sister anything through mail. I feel that she will really be surprised and I’m curious to find out what she says. I feel that sending someone an ACP is defiantly not the same as sending someone a snapchat. Snapchat it takes a couple seconds to send and receive. Sending an ACP is a more personal experience and the creativity it is put into it makes it more significant than simply sending a snapchat. It is similar in the way it can communicate something to people.

An ephemera is something I defiantly find precious. Overtime they gain value, and even tell a story. It brings back memories from years ago, and as time passes by they become more significant and symbolic. I remember when in the attic of my house my family and i found a box of letters and cards that were many years old. We tried to find the owner or relative of people named in the letters but we were unsuccessful. The fact that they were old made it more precious and I wish we would’ve found a relative to give that to so they can read and enjoy it. I myself have a box where I keep small things that are significant to me. When my dog passed away, I kept the collar she wore, which has a small bell to it. So whenever I do open my box, it feels like I am going down memory lane and I would love my future kids to see my ephemera one day.

I believe there is a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in a museum than an art seen by few. An ACP is more personal and I feel that they are more appreciated and significant. Even though looking at art in a art museum is a great way of viewing art, sometimes I just can’t connect with it or see the significance of it. As oppose to an ACP, its more personal and it must be great opening something someone put creativity in for someone.

Even though a snapchat is technically a faster way of sending someone something. “Fast” does not mean better. Effort is what really makes a difference and gives a deeper meaning to something. Fast is better in the way that it gives people the ability to communicate something important fast. But even though an ACP is slow, it really brings out the creativity in a person.

An ACP does have the possibility of containing a sort of ‘love’ different from snapchat. On snapchat, people can send things to anyone. An ACP is not just send to anyone, but usually someone special or someone you want to tell that you care and love them so you putting in the effort, creativity and time for them. Snapchat for me does not containing a sort of ‘love’ as a ACP does.


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