Week 3: Classmate conversation – Courtney Clyde

I had a very great time speaking with Courtney. As I was getting to know her, we seem to have something in common which is volunteering to help communities and people in need. I found it amazing how in her church group she did restoration projects and build homes for people in Mexico. There is so much help needed in certain communities and volunteering to help others is something I really admire. She is currently a kinesiology major and works at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, which is the school gym.

Courtney wants to become a physical therapist which is amazing, but what is even more amazing is her journey and story behind her aspiration of becoming a PT. Due to the fact that she is really athletic and played any sport she could get her hands on while growing up, she was in and out of physical therapy throughout high school. She spent her last two years of high school relearning how to jump walk and run. She was also told she would never be able to play at a college level. Fortunately, thanks to physical therapy and her strength to not give up, she overcame those obstacles. It is amazing hearing her story and I’m very glad to hear she wants to make those positive changes in the life’s of others.



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