Week 3: Artist Conversation – Kelvin Lopez

IMG_8035.JPG  IMG_8036.JPG IMG_8037.JPG

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Crystals, print making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Kelvin Lopez is currently an  undergraduate at CSULB. His major is print making, and in his gallery he has also amazing crystals he has collected. Kelvin is originally from San Diego, which is where he first got exposed to art and discovered his passion about it. He states that his freshman year of high school he took an art class, and that he was simply not good at it. That motivated him to push himself and do better, and now he makes amazing beautiful art. Kelvin also went to a community college where he obtained his associate degree in Studio Art. Some of his interest consist of listening to music, going out to festivals, and going to bars. He also has two dogs, A german shepherd and a husky, which he loves to be around and spending time with.

Kelvin Lopez Art is really interesting since it is print making. He stated that he likes his art to be as precise as possible. Some of  the materials he used to make his beautiful art consist of lime stone, nitric acid, screen painting, ink, and of course water color. His art, as seen above, is extremely colorful with colors overlapping each other. It is then framed in a glass frame. He also has amazing crystals in his gallery of different sizes and colors.

Most of his art is about himself when he was a little boy. His art reflects photographs taken when he was small, and adding beautiful colors to alter the attention he wants you to focus on. The crystals were originally introduced to him by an ex-girlfriend. He got curious about them and looked up the meaning of different crystals. He loves crystals because they all have different meaning and shapes and colors. He considers himself to be a very spiritual person, and crystals seem to be a way to express that. He stated of a crystal given to him by a professor. The professor gave him an onyx crystal and thats where he actually started to look up the meanings of crystals and the different varieties of them.

I really enjoyed his art because it was different than the art I am familiar with. The fact that he used childhood photos to make beautiful are is really amazing. The crystals are actually the thing I was able to connect with the most. I used to have crystals myself when I was younger. I would also have crystals that had a certain meaning, such as some were meant for protection, so i would keep it in my room since I loved what it represented. Overall, Kelvin is an amazing artist that brings photos to life with beautiful colors. I really enjoyed it and I will love to see some of his future work as well.





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