Week 2: Landscapes with a corpse -Robbery Victim

IMG_7956.jpgAs I relaxed on a Sunday night at home, I started hearing noises. I did not put much attention to the noises until I heard a loud ‘bang’ on the door. Two individuals with masks came in running with guns and ordered me to not move. I stayed on the ground as I saw them steal all of my valuable belongings. Right when the last thief was leaving the house, I decided to grab a stick and hit the individual in the back of his head. Unfortunately, it did absolutely no harm and he reacted by shooting me in my upper stomach. I fell to the ground holding my stomach and holding the stick, and moments after I died. The core idea is to not try to fight anyone who has a gun, especially not with a thin harmless stick. I made the wrong choice of hitting the thief that was exiting the house already. I would have probably not have died if I did not hit the individual with the stick.


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