Week 2: Classmate Conversation – Danielle Banuelos

I really enjoyed my conversation with Danielle on Wednesday, she is extremely friendly and has a great personality. Danielle’s major is Health Science and she is graduation in the fall, which is extremely exciting! One thing I discovered while talking to Danielle is that we actually have a few things in common. We are both interested in becoming a PA. Danielle would also love to become a volunteer for the Peace Corps out of sea.

I find that extremely cool and amazing how she is interesting in helping people, no matter what she decides to do. Danielle is currently working in a kindergarten school and we discovered we are both interested in going to school in Seattle, Washington. She has visited Seattle and loved the atmosphere and environment. This just motivates me even more to go visit Seattle one day. Overall, I enjoyed my conversation with Danielle, I also realized I forgot to tell her that her makeup was on point.



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