Week 1: Classmate Conversations- Diana & Esmeralda

On Wednesday Glenn made us all talk to someone we did not already know in class. Luckily, I was sitting next to two nice girls name Esmeralda and Diana. They are extremely easy to talk to and I am happy I was sitting next to them. Both Esmeralda and Diana are in their first year of college and are enjoying it so far. Esmeralda is majoring in film, and she had her film class after this art class which she seemed excited about. Diana is majoring in Marine Biology and will like to work in a research institution in the future. Diana is also interested in possibly minoring in film since it is something different than her current major and seems fun as well.

In class we discussed how sometimes it is difficult to wake up for those early 8a.m. classes, but we all agreed that it is better to have early classes than late classes. We also spoke about the plaster casting activity and traded numbers with each other to help each other out. I am very excited to get to know Esmeralda and Diana more this semester and I know they will make this class even more fun and enjoyable than it already is.




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