Week 1: Plaster Casting Activity

It was my first time ever doing something like this, which made this activity both hard and fun at the same time. Since I went to Seal Beach on Sunday during busy hours, I had a pretty hard time finding the perfect spot to do my activity. After a while of searching for the perfect spot, I was finally able to start. Unfortunately, I put too much water on the big bucket shown in the middle image. As a result, I had to redo the activity by using a much smaller bucket I brought with me and by using the remaining plaster I had left.

I waited approximately thirty minutes for it to dry. Once I noticed it had harden, I began to carefully remove my hand made out of plaster out of the sand. It turns out that I was not as careful as I had thought since most of my fingers broke in the process. It was a bit funny but I wish my fingers would not have broken. It was definitely a fun activity and I would definitely do this again.


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