Week 15: Class Conversation – Trevor Young

This week I got to meet Trevor Young. He is currently in his 3rd year and his major is Health Science. He works at the REC center on campus. We had a conversation about jobs, specifically retail since I used to work in retail and he is interested in possibly working at a store such as Pacsun but retail really sucks so I did not suggest him to go for retail. In the future he wants to be a nurse or a personal trainer. On his free time he enjoys to workout, sleep and eat and he is from the Torrance area.. Overall, I had a good conversation with Trevor.



Week 15: Activity – Designing Your Life

3 possible futures for me:

  1. Currently I am a human development major and I am striving to go to PA school in hopes of being a PA. I see myself being in the medical field since high school and I continue to think I will be working within that field since I enjoy helping people. It is also a safe and stable career that pays well. After graduation I hope to take a semester or an extra year to development my hands on experience and finish up a few extra classes at a community college. The next year I will hope to be accepted into a PA school, which will take about two years to get certified. After I graduate from PA school, I hope to have a job at a hospital working as a PA. This is the plan I have had since high school and I am still pursing it.
  2. If my current PA option disappeared tomorrow I will defiantly be a bit lost. Since I believe I am a good people person and I love to help I would lean into being counselor. Possibly for a school or an advisor in college. Im not sure which steps I would have to take to become a counselor but it is an option I possibly have. Being a counselor sounds safe and can possibly pay well also.
  3. If i was financially secured, my possible dream career would be to be in the entertainment field. Such as being a producer for a movie, or working on set filming movies. I don’t know much about producing or being in that particular field but it sounds fun and interesting to me. Or possibly working backstage for a TV show helping produce it. I  can be very organize so it might work well for me but that would be something I would go to if I was financially secure.

Week 14: Art Activity -japanese garden

I love going to the Japanese garden! While I was there I was wondering why I don’t come more often when I’m at school daily. Since I commute I drive by the japanese garden daily. I have been here only a about 3 times and I’m on my third year at CSULB already. I found it to be extremely relaxing. It was relaxing to draw without erasing but I am a horrible drawer.  Tried hard not to look at the paper when I was drawing my hand but I failed sometimes because I thought I was going to mess up badly. I put my hand on the paper and sketched it out and then peaked a bit sometimes. It’s a horrible habit I need to get rid of. It was so relaxing sketching at the garden because it was truly a hot day and sitting and relaxing and feeling the breeze was nice. I going a spot in a corner that had shade and I really enjoyed it.

Week 14: Classmate Conversation- Alex Ledreton

So this week I met Alex who is currently a senior. He used to dorm his freshman year but now stays at his apartment. On his free time he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, working out. He has a sister who he is really close to and his sister is a nurse. Alex is originally from North California and he came down here for school. Originally he wanted to be an orthodontist, but he does not want to do that anymore and is know interested in going for a career with pharmacy. He is also currently working for a manufacturing company.

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Week 13: Classmate Conversation – Megan Maeda

This week I met Megan Maeda, she is such a nice girl and I really enjoyed my conversation with her. I learned that this is her first year at CSULB and her major is Asian Studies and is currently dorming. She is from Corona which is near Riverside. She told me how she does traditional   filipino dancing and loves to dye her hair. She currently has blue hair dye and I think it looks great. She also has three tattoos. She loves to hang out with friends, and is in a filipino club on campus and she is running for a cabinet position. On the weekends she goes home to see her family.

Week 12: Art Activity – Ethnography

  1. I didn’t think this would be hard, but it turned out to be harder than I expected. I was planning on just sleeping through it but it turned out I was not sleepy which made it difficult.
  2. It was hard because I was not sleepy and usually when I can’t fall asleep I watch TV or netflix until I fall asleep and I couldn’t do that this time.
  3. It was more frustrating than liberating. I felt the need to just grab my phone so I wouldn’t be bored but I couldn’t.
  4. I actually did end up getting better sleep since I feel asleep earlier than I usually do. I am usually sleep deprived and never really get many hours of sleep since I am always distracted. It would be amazing to sleep well every night like this.
  5. Living without electricity us more organic and harmonious with nature because electricity is a distraction. When we are watching TV we are only concentrated on what is going on in the TV that we might ignore what is going on around us and disconnects us to nature. By eliminating those distractions it connects us more to nature and things become more harmonious.
  6. Living without electricity is so limited because to me theres nothing much to do, which makes things boring for me.
  7. I have no idea how people survived without constant stimulation but what comes to my mind is that they would get that stimulation through other things they were occupied with.
  8. My ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be hiking at a beautiful place without electronics.


Week 12: Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Alice Andreini worked in theatre for a long time. She used to teach at North Community College Art Institutes were she would teach them to pursuit art degree. She also taught perspective drawing.Alice designed land scape, which has a representation of virtual reality underneath. The way we look at her drawings is the way we look at our  at the world. She decided to had grids because they represent like a net, the constructs of different things. Alice wanted to create a space that was fractured, she needed to start with the perspective space and that’s why she would use large fields. The idea of starting with a space you can recognize. She used landscapes from a real place and messed around with it, they are all golf courses.

One of her messages from her drawings was to make people feel the instability of social constructs. And feeling a little bit pressure by the environment. Environmental consequences such as technology progress is one of her themes from a blue paining that I unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of.

I was sorta in shock that all her painting were drawings of golf courses because at first I did not notice. The yellow orange painting I placed at the bottom, I originally thought that was a sunset at the beach. I also thought the purple drawings were mirror because of the grids. So it was interesting to learn that they were all actually golf course.