Week 12: Art Activity – Ethnography

  1. I didn’t think this would be hard, but it turned out to be harder than I expected. I was planning on just sleeping through it but it turned out I was not sleepy which made it difficult.
  2. It was hard because I was not sleepy and usually when I can’t fall asleep I watch TV or netflix until I fall asleep and I couldn’t do that this time.
  3. It was more frustrating than liberating. I felt the need to just grab my phone so I wouldn’t be bored but I couldn’t.
  4. I actually did end up getting better sleep since I feel asleep earlier than I usually do. I am usually sleep deprived and never really get many hours of sleep since I am always distracted. It would be amazing to sleep well every night like this.
  5. Living without electricity us more organic and harmonious with nature because electricity is a distraction. When we are watching TV we are only concentrated on what is going on in the TV that we might ignore what is going on around us and disconnects us to nature. By eliminating those distractions it connects us more to nature and things become more harmonious.
  6. Living without electricity is so limited because to me theres nothing much to do, which makes things boring for me.
  7. I have no idea how people survived without constant stimulation but what comes to my mind is that they would get that stimulation through other things they were occupied with.
  8. My ideal level of life activity and connectivity would be hiking at a beautiful place without electronics.


Week 12: Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

Alice Andreini worked in theatre for a long time. She used to teach at North Community College Art Institutes were she would teach them to pursuit art degree. She also taught perspective drawing.Alice designed land scape, which has a representation of virtual reality underneath. The way we look at her drawings is the way we look at our  at the world. She decided to had grids because they represent like a net, the constructs of different things. Alice wanted to create a space that was fractured, she needed to start with the perspective space and that’s why she would use large fields. The idea of starting with a space you can recognize. She used landscapes from a real place and messed around with it, they are all golf courses.

One of her messages from her drawings was to make people feel the instability of social constructs. And feeling a little bit pressure by the environment. Environmental consequences such as technology progress is one of her themes from a blue paining that I unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of.

I was sorta in shock that all her painting were drawings of golf courses because at first I did not notice. The yellow orange painting I placed at the bottom, I originally thought that was a sunset at the beach. I also thought the purple drawings were mirror because of the grids. So it was interesting to learn that they were all actually golf course.

Week 11: Classroom conversation – Diana and Trevor

This week I got to have a conversation with both Diana and Trevor. I know Diana since the beginning of the semester and I got to know her pretty well throughout the semester. She enjoys making videos and has a youtube channel where she post some of the videos she makes. She showed me one of her hiking videos and it was pretty cool since I myself like to make videos sometimes as well.

I also got to meet Trevor and learned that he just got back from Italy and Spain a couple months ago. He was born in Long Beach and attended Los Alamitos High School. He is majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management. He also got to eat a lot of pizza and pasta on his trip.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Week 11: Artist Conversation: Yujia Gu

Yujia Gu had an exibit called Tracing Gun Violence in the USA which was truly amazing and had a very strong and heavy message behind it. Yujia Gu has been living here for almost three years. Before coming to live in the United States, her mother was worried for her to come because she had heard about a lot of people, even international students getting killed due to gun violence. Even though with that in back of her head, she still decided to come and live in the U.S.

Yujia Gu wanted to find out if gun violence was actually a big problem here, so she started to do some research on it. She was so surprise at the high numbers of statistics she found.

For me, this is exhibition is really important. Just recently, there was a shooting at an elementary school where and teacher and and young student were killed. The problem is real, and every year it seems to be happening more frequently. It is so sad to see in this exhibition some pictures of only some of the people who have been killed. What really hit me was how there was a projector that showed the places that big massive shootings have taken place and it’s basically almost everywhere. This exhibition is so important, not only to addresses the issue, but to make people realize how many lives have been lost. It is something that has to just stop.

Week 10: Art Activity – Architecture

The USU wedge is a small gap that many students pass through, just like the picture I took today of a student passing through the wedge. I have noticed that certain days there is an actual line of students waiting to go through the wedge instead of going all around.

I am not great on design but I would change it by closing the wedge. By moving the wall on the right closer to the corner then the gap would be closed. An alternative way would be to completely remove that gray wall which I believe would be even better to solve this problem.

I believe students will like the new access route because the gap in the USU can be extremely annoying. I myself pass through it daily but sometimes I just go around the wall. I made the choice to close the wedge by bringing the wall closer to the corner just to make the gap go away and I believe it would work perfectly.




Week 10: Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

Amy Duran is the artist of the Forever by your Side. Her art really caught my attention because it was displayed in a very unique way. There was a series of open boxes that display inside many things. There is an open book that informs people of what is going on. The way it was put on display caught my atrention very much.

Amy is twenty seven years old. She attended cypress college, and is now a senior here at cal state Long Beach. Her major is ceramics. Amy always knew she wanted to do something with art since she has always been artistic, and she decided to attend school here at CSULB since ther ceramics program is very good.

There are many things about life that inspire her to create beautiful pieces of art. One of her inspirations comes from women hood. Currently Amy is looking forward to making props for movies.

I really enjoyed her work because it is relatable to real life experiences and the way it is presented captures my attention. I would love to see more of her work later in the future as well.


Week 9: Art Activity- Glass Museum

This week the art activity was spray paint and unfortunately I was not able to complete that this week since I have been in Seattle. However, I did get to visit the Glass Museum in Seattle and hopefully I get some points for this.  All of the art work in this Museum is made out of glass and I really enjoyed how it was displayed in so many different ways. In one of the rooms, there was a glass ceiling and on top of the ceiling were beautiful colored glass work which made the lighting of the room turn into many different colors. There is also another room where the glass is hanging from the ceiling making the empty room look so beautiful. What made this room even better was that when you look up, you don’t only see the glass art work but you can see the space needle building through the glass which I inserted a picture of. There was also a piece which I forgot to take a picture of, but it was in a dark space and the glass had light which made it look like strings of lights. I really enjoyed everything about this museum because the art actually starts from the outside with a beautiful garden. I inserted a picture of some big flowers which was part of the garden art.

This beautiful museum is work of an artist name Dale Chihuly. I also inserted a picture of him working on his glass art. Dale Chihuly got introduced to glass while studying interior design at the University of Washington and eventually that led up to him creating so many beautiful pieces of art.

IMG_9405.JPG IMG_9147.JPG  IMG_9667.PNG    IMG_9146.JPG

IMG_9666.PNG   IMG_9398.JPG Image-1.png  546e2ea67db38e5b041673b10816f0e4.jpg